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South Texas Guided Duck Hunting

Are you looking for the ultimate duck hunting experience in Texas Gulf Coast? Look no further than hiring Captain Trey Clement as your guide to take you to the best spots for hunting ducks. Know what to expect when preparing for a trip, the best times to hunt, and the different opportunities available for Port Aransas duck hunting in South Texas. 

As hunting enthusiasts, we understand the excitement and anticipation that comes with planning a hunting trip. When it comes to duck hunting, South Texas is a premier destination that offers a unique hunting experience. We have over 27 blinds, strategically positioned throughout the region. These blinds offer hunters various vantage points and concealment options, increasing the likelihood of a successful hunt. From the scenic landscape to the abundance of waterfowl, Port Aransas and Aransas Pass duck hunting is an experience like no other.

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Captain Trey Clement

Captain Trey Clement

Texas Duck Hunting Guide

Trey is a Expert Texas Gulf Coast Hunting Guide

With over 27 years experience Trey is one of the best guides in the Gulf Coast Area. One of the biggest advantages of hiring a Captain Trey is his extensive knowledge of the best spots for hunting ducks in Texas Gulf Coast. With 27 blinds, there’s no group too big, and there are plenty of prime locations to make sure your hunt is a big success. Capt. Trey will take you to the best locations for hunting ducks, ensuring that you have a successful trip. Additionally, Capt. Trey has access to specialized equipment that can help you hunt more ducks. Captain Trey also has expertise in hunting techniques that can help you improve your skills and techniques.

Another benefit of hiring Fins & Pins is safety and security. Captain Trey is trained in safety protocols and are equipped with safety equipment to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable trip. The captain also knows how to handle emergencies and can provide assistance if needed.

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Being Prepared: Know What You’ll Need To Bring

At our hunting excursions, Captain Trey guarantees he will think of everything to ensure you have an exceptional experience. Meticulously planning every detail, drawing from years of expertise and knowledge of duck behavior and migration patterns, we will leave no stone unturned. From selecting prime hunting locations to providing top-notch equipment and offering expert guidance, the captain has  considered every aspect. Capt. Trey’s goal is to create a seamless and unforgettable adventure for you, filled with thrilling pursuits and successful hunts. Rest assured, with Capt. Trey, you are in the hands of a professional who is dedicated to making your hunting experience truly great.

When preparing for a thrilling duck hunting trip, it is we do ask you to bring a few things with you. First and foremost, don’t forget your Texas Hunting License, complete with the State and Federal Duck Stamp. As for firearms, it is recommended to bring a 20 or 12-gauge shotgun, along with steel shot shells in sizes such as 3-inch #3, #2, and #4. To keep your energy up during the adventure, pack an ice chest filled with food and drinks. Additionally, bring appropriate camo clothing suitable for the prevailing weather conditions, including a camo hat/cap and face cover to stay concealed. Waders, whether chest or hip waders, are essential for navigating the waterlogged terrain. Lastly, make sure to have gun oil on hand to wipe down your firearm after the hunt, maintaining its performance and longevity.


Texas Gulf Coast Duck Hunting Locations

Aransas Pass

Port Aransas

The marshes just north of South Padre Island, Texas
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The Best South Texas Coastal Duck Hunting Guide

Trey Clement from Fins and Pins is the epitome of the best Port Aransas Texas fishing guide and coastal duck hunting expert in South Texas. With over 27 years of experience in duck hunting, Trey guarantees an unforgettable adventure on the water. Whether you’re targeting Pinheads or Readheads, Trey’s expertise, and knowledge will ensure a successful outing, especially if you opt for the blast and cast package. As a dedicated professional, Trey is always ready to share his expertise and help guests improve their hunting skills. For beginners or children, he maintains a patient and courteous approach, while for seasoned hunters, he prioritizes studying duck migration patterns to deliver exceptional hunting experiences. Choosing Trey Clement from Fins and Pins means choosing an exceptional guide who will make your duck-hunting trip truly memorable.

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